New Financial Year! New Budgets! New Warehouse or Industrial Floor?


Does your warehouse or food preparation floor need to be replaced? New flooring is sometimes at the bottom of a businesses’ list but should be right at the top for many reasons. We understand budgets are going to be made available for companies to invest in the right areas to aid their business, especially now that we are entering a new financial year. A new warehouse or industrial floor is often and understandably a large investment of capital.


It’s very important to select and use the correct industrial flooring to benefit your company's needs. The main things to consider is you will require the flooring to be tough and to be able to withstand heavy-duty usage, food and liquid spills, constant traffic in and out whilst remaining especially in the COVID 19 situation hygienic and of course non slip!


PSR Industrial Flooring have developed epoxy resin floors and floor screeds which will provide a smooth finish, a level surface that can be put under heavy load strain, is impact resistant and for longevity, won’t crack under pressure, these are the big points you should be looking at when investing


Floor Screeds
PSR Floor Screeds are renowned for providing firstly a hygienic (super important considering what is going on in the world with COVID-19), a waterproof floor with non-slip coatings which is also able to withstand thermal shock. The PSR Floor Screed remains odour-free and remains easy to clean and maintain, which makes it the perfect selection for uses in chemical plants, industrial kitchens that impose super strict hygiene regulations and are often encountering spillages of hot and cold liquids on a daily basis.


PSR Branded Flooring
Even though our screeds and epoxy resin floors are practical and robust, they don’t have to be unattractive. They come in a range of colours, enabling you to colour code your working areas, or just make your buildings more cheerful.


Crucially, our flooring is quickly installed meaning minimal disruption to your business. In fact, we often lay floors overnight or at weekends, so there is no disruption to your staff or productivity at all.


If you would like to discuss how we can help create practical and robust new flooring that will last for years, please contact us.