Raising Issues – Forklifts and Flooring

At PSR Flooring, you won’t be surprised to learn that industrial flooring is our speciality, and we offer a pretty comprehensive service that deals with the installation and repair of such floor surfaces. We reckon that maintaining your floor is an essential practice, especially when you’re dealing with pretty common industrial equipment like forklift trucks. Want to know more? Read on…


Forklift Truck Health and Safety

Forklift trucks have a lot of health and safety laws surrounding them. For example, you need to…

  • Have drivers that wear the correct safety equipment and possess full qualifications.
  • Properly maintain forklift trucks and equipment using regular inspections.
  • Drive a forklift truck at a safe speed at all times.
  • Make sure there is always enough space around the forklift.
  • Maintain visibility whenever the forklift is in use.
  • Only use a forklift if the load is both stable and evenly distributed.

Floor-Related Forklift Hazards

However, one of the biggest accidents-waiting-to-happen is the need to avoid potential hazards. Bumps and potholes in an expanse of flooring are definitely worth giving a wide berth to, as you don’t want your forklift becoming damaged, as that compromises its safety. Driving over debris is also a no-go for the same reason. Forklift trucks can become worse for wear very easily, and your flooring type is a major component in the strategy to keep them functioning.

If your flooring is damaged or unsuitable, your forklift is going to take a battering, and so is the person at the wheel. Potholes can also cause issues with stability, which is another major concern. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s just about having the right kind of flooring installed either, as even the right sort of surface can become a hazard if you don’t keep a close eye on maintenance. No material is indestructible, and even the most hard-wearing substance degrades over time. That’s why you need to keep on top of maintenance and not rest on your laurels.


Expansion Joints and Maintenance

Take something like an expansion joint. These features are almost mandatory in concrete floors, as they prevent heat-induced expansion and contraction, which you definitely don’t want in your floors. They also combat vibration and the like, so all told, if you want to keep your floor in tip-top condition, they’re a must-have. However, many forklift drivers hate them, so why is this?

The catch with expansion joints is not that they cause problems in of themselves; as we’ve just stated, they prevent them. However, they stop being all that helpful when they start to soak up the wear and tear. When they begin to be damaged under heavy use, the natural gaps in expansion joints turn into potholes. Remember that thing we said didn’t mix well with forklifts? Yep, that’s right, potholes. Because of their solid tyres, forklift trucks have very little suspension to count on, so any impact from a pothole really jolts the person in the back, which isn’t something you want.

Contact PSR for Industrial Floor Repairs

As you can see, keeping your flooring ‘forklift-friendly’ is not entirely about installing the right features; it’s also just as much about keeping your flooring in great condition. That’s where we come in, as we can also carry out high quality floor repairs. This means that we can look after your needs at any stage of the flooring process. From start to finish, we guarantee that we can help you.

If you’d like to take advantage of our proven service for industrial flooring installation and repairs, be sure to contact our team today by calling 01226 382864 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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