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Industrial Resin flooring has the beneficial properties of being anti-slip and anti-static, and as experienced Industrial resin flooring contractors, PSR Industrial Resin Flooring can help you bring these advantages to your workplace.

Commercial Resin Flooring has enhanced chemical resistance and is easy to clean and maintain, therefore making this Industrial Resin Flooring Service work particularly well for industries such as catering, healthcare, aviation and marine/offshore environments that require a hardwearing, long-lasting Commercial Resin Floor finish.

Quality Resin Flooring Contractors

Industrial resin flooring services and products come in a wide-range of types and specifications, such as water-based, solvent-based and solvent free. They also vary in their performance characteristics, and therefore it is essential that you get expert advice in order to select the appropriate resin product for your requirements.

At PSR Industrial Flooring, our team of professional and experienced contractors can advise you on the required resin flooring product build-up and thickness to suit your specific environment and personal requirements.

For example, epoxy flooring systems are an example of Commercial Resin Flooring that are hard-wearing, slip resistant, and when sealed become impervious to contamination, giving them excellent hygienic performance. These systems can also be more decorative, with added flakes or aggregates, making epoxy resin the ideal flooring system for industrial or commercial organisations.

Industrial Resin Flooring Services

At PSR, our Industrial Resin Flooring Services have gained an excellent reputation in the industry for providing high-quality commercial resin flooring installations in a variety of different environments, both commercial and industrial. Outstanding customer service is our priority, and we pride ourselves on our ability to advise our clients on the right type of flooring for their particular requirements, ensuring optimum performance and durability.

To find out more about our outstanding industrial resin flooring service, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team today. Call 01226 382864 to discuss your specifications and receive advice on the best industrial flooring solution for you.

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