Shop Until You Drop: Industrial Flooring in Supermarkets

Supermarkets attract a high level of footfall each and every day, with the UK’s grocery market being an industry worth £174.5 billion. Supermarkets are essential to modern life, and in these high foot traffic facilities, you need to make sure you have the right flooring.

Supermarkets must be safe and hygienic in order to meet health and safety standards; however in this highly competitive industry these stores are also faced with the task of being attractive to customers and standing out from the crowd. But how can industrial flooring assist in both of these areas in order to improve turnover and ensure success?

At PSR Industrial Flooring, we specialise in providing the right flooring solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial atmospheres, and here we will show you just how the right industrial flooring can provide a safe, hygienic and attractive atmosphere for supermarket customers and employees.

Supermarket Shopping

First Impressions

First impressions are important in everyday life, and this is certainly applicable to supermarkets and other retail environments.

Shoppers now have the ability to carefully select where they take their business, and these decisions are typically based on prices, loyalty and the attractiveness of the building. Customers are less inclined to shop in places that feel dirty, unsafe or make them feel unwelcome. Therefore, it should be the priority of every supermarket owner to ensure that their store is as welcoming and attractive as possible.

High quality floor coatings are colourful, have a fantastic finish and are sure to give your customers a great first impression of your store. These easy-to-maintain industrial flooring solutions will continue looking new and fresh despite facing substantial daily footfall and often being exposed to heavy machinery.

Safe and Sanitary

Health and safety standards are of vital importance in all public spaces, particularly those responsible for handling food products. Therefore, supermarkets must ensure that their premises have the ability to remain both safe and sanitary at all times.

Areas of the supermarket that are handling meat, poultry, fish, seafood and dairy products, as well as all of those that are responsible for food preparation, must adhere to strict rules and guidelines when it comes to both hygiene and safety. These areas are subject to a number of hazards each and every day, including food contamination, slips and trips and highly acidic foods and chemicals. Therefore, the floors in these areas must be even, durable and non-slip.

Food preparation areas aren’t the only areas of a supermarket floor that need to pay special attention to health and safety. The supermarket floor is subject to many spills that could cause serious injury to customers, and therefore owners should ensure that they employ a specific flooring process in order to ensure their store is as safe as possible. This process can include floor screeding and the application of non-slip epoxy resin.

Supermarket Shopping Aisle Floor

Durable and Purpose Built

Due to large footfall, supermarket floors must be durable enough to withstand constant daily use. This means that the flooring must be well-supported and purpose built in order to prevent future damages, which can be costly to repair and can become very hazardous to employees and customers.

Ensuring that you have the right industrial flooring solution for your requirements will prevent damages and accidents as well as ensuring that your industrial floor always performs at its best. Floor coatings and resins are typically the best suited flooring options for supermarket environments, although this does depend on your specifications.


As you can see, using the right industrial flooring in a supermarket environment can make it far safer, more hygienic and more attractive for both customers and employees. At PSR Industrial Flooring, our experience and industry knowledge allows us to recommend and provide the right industrial flooring for a variety of different working environments. For more information on our range of services and products, contact us today on 01226 382864.


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