Why is the condition of your warehouse floor important?

Anyone who runs a business from a warehouse will understand that the warehouse floor, and the state of it, is vital to the success of a business. With the increase of stacking heights allowed, the floor quality has become more crucial with any imperfections magnified.

Given the importance that should be placed on the flooring, it is still surprising that many businesses do not have a great floor. This can be attributed to the fact that the floor is one of the easiest components to get wrong and fixing it can be time consuming and is very difficult to do without having an impact on production. For this reason, it is often left until it becomes so poor, safety issues arise and something has to be done.

The majority of warehouse floors receive daily abuse leading to defects on a constant basis. The most common example is failure to repair the small defects until they turn into large ones.

In a study conducted recently, warehouse workers and managers gave reasons why they failed to fix floors, which resulted in the following consistent findings:

  • 92 percent – No time for repairs
  • 89 percent – Inadequate maintenance manpower
  • 84 percent – Not corporate priority
  • 78 percent – No money in the budget
  • 61 percent – Lack of training/knowledge
  • 53 percent – Cannot tolerate the dust, water and noise involved in repairs

What can happen if defects are left?

  • Lift trucks will be damaged as cushioned tyres are not designed to be sued on rough floors
  • Vehicle operators will suffer injury such as back pain
  • Productivity will be reduced as speed will need to be slower for moving things around and you may not be bale to stock as much if it is unsafe to stand on floor areas.
  • Impact on housekeeping and sanitation as crack can lead to debris and dust collecting.
  • More downtime for your business and increased costs for multiple ongoing repairs and damage.

The reasons above highlight how important it is to deal with warehouse flooring issues straight away. If you have noticed a problem with your industrial floor, it is important to act now and this is where PSR Flooring can help.

To discuss your current issues or talk through a problem you may have, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today by clicking here.



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